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Title: Dark Liaisons III
Disclaimer: I do not own Les Liaisons Dangereuses or Star Wars.
Characters: Count Dooku, Palpatine, Padmé Amidala, Anakin Skywalker, and Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Master Kenobi and Chancellor Palpatine reprimand their students and Padmé asks for help.
Author's Note: I was rereading Les Liaisons Dangereuses and Labyrinth of Evil and the two sort of... collided. In case people haven't realised, this is definitely an AU story. Things unfold slightly differently than in Attack of the Clones. I'm currently working on Alexis and You Know Who, but I desperately need to take myself somewhere else, so here is the next instalment of Star Wars letters.
Previous Chapter(s):
Dark Liaisons IDark Liaisons II

"I am in need of wise counsel and know not who else to turn to..." )
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 Time for some icons! Because I've yet to find Voldemort colouring I really love and I haven't made any icons in a while. 16 Harry Potter and 5 Star Wars ones.


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Title: Crash: Chapter One
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars and am not making any money with this story.
Rating: PGR
Warnings: None
Characters: Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Oh, and Artoo, of course...
Summary: What if Anakin hadn't managed to land the Invisible Hand safely on Coruscant? What if the ship's crash had been fatal? And what if one of the passengers on that doomed ship had the power to save himself... a power he could not fully control?
Author's Note: For dramatic purposes, in this fanfiction neither Anakin, nor Obi-Wan have ever been to Korriban. [ profile] wyncatastrophe  ordered me to write more fanfiction, so here it is. You may need to read the prologue again, I posted it so long ago. The characters aren't going to find out they're in a time-travel story for quite a while. This is probably to closest I've ever got to writing an adventure story, so I'm trying to mix the serious adventure with some comedy, the way the films do. Please tell me if the comedy works, as I'm not at all home in the adventure genre.
Previous Chapters:

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I got this idea at 11 o'clock last night and finished it around 2 o'clock in the morning. It's an idealised portrait of the Emperor and Lord Vader (if Lord V hadn't been brutally disfigured in a duel with the treacherous Maréchal de Kenobi, and if His Majesty's looks had not been quite so ruined by smallpox). I must say, I'm very pleased at how Anakin came out in this drawing. The pose definitely suits him! 

Lord Vader wears his customary armour and around his neck we have the Imperial version of the Order of St. Louis. He wears a ceremonial sash over his armour, indicating his position as heir to the throne. The Emperor holds the imperial sceptre and is seated on his throne. He hates wearing stockings and garters but is tolerating them for the sake of this regal portrait and the fact that Lord Vader will really enjoy them later. His ermine-trimmed robe is decorated with the six-rayed bendu, the symbol of his Empire. In his left hand is the Code Imperial, affirming his status as supreme lawgiver, in contrast will Lord Vader's long military baton, appropriate to his station as Palpatine's warlord.   

The amusing thing about drawing this portrait was the fact that I had to steal from everywhere to get what I wanted, particularly for Palpatine. Anakin is gorgeous in the armour of the young Louis XV. The Emperor, meanwhile, has the pose of Madame de Pompadour, the legs of Louis XVI, the sceptre of Napoleon, the wig of Pitt the Younger and the ermine finery of the Duc de Richelieu (the grand-nephew of the infamous cardinal) as well as the desk of the Duc de Chioseul!
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24 simple Vader + Palpatine icons for your enjoyment.


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52 icons of things I love. I was going to make 100, but I just couldn't do it - so 52 it is. Please comment and credit if you take one. 

01-10 Crime and Punishment
11-52  Star Wars


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I want to get my hands on the concept art for Palpatine from RotS. The libraries here don't have a copy of The Art of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and I can't afford to order a copy, and I can't find any of the drawings on the internet. Please, if anyone can link me or scan the pages with Palpatine art I'd be most grateful!

Help me, f-list, you're my only hope!

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12 Star Wars icons, if I may, gentlebeings... Taken from Clone Wars, concept art and comics. Please credit and comment if you take any.

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I wanted to share one of my favourite Clone Wars comic tales 'Bloodlines', written by John Ostrander and illustrated by Brandon Badeaux, from 'Star Wars: Clone Wars, Vol. 5, Best Blades'.

An excellent comic with lots of other good stories, such as the death of Valorum and details about the terrible Jabiim, plus the origins of Ventress. This story, however, is my favourite, for it shows Palpatine doing what he does best (even if his art isn't that good). I hope you enjoy this as much as I did the first time I read it. I thought I'd scan it while I'm busy writing madly, amongst other things! ^_^

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IT IS DONE! IT IS DONE! I had a meeting with my professor, and it is over. All done, all written, until the second semester this year! So I'm celebrating my return from hiatus with a large crop of icons!

Today, I have iconed the work of some marvellous artists you should check out, as well as my usual fandoms... Please comment and credit if you take one.


01-07 Gankutsuou
08-16 Star Wars
17-18 Sleepy Hollow
19-25 Shaun Tan
26-27 Bill Carmen
28-30 Bluefooted
      31 Klimt

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I decided to icon some of the work done for the "Star Wars Ren" competitions. I would also like to prepare the viewer for the fact that no. 14 is rather scary... Please comment and credit if you take one.


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PADMÉ: What is that divine material, Chancellor?

PALPATINE: Oh, this? Alderaani silk.

PADMÉ: I swear, just about every luxury item in vogue today is from Alderaan - it's a crime how they've cornered the market - that's why my wardrobe is %100 Naboo.

PALPATINE: My dear, when one is Supreme Chancellor one must embrace a larger view of fashion. Besides, all that quilting never suited me anyway... 


Senator Amidala and Supreme Chancellor Palpatine at Theed Fashion Week, with Handmaiden Dormé and an anonymous Red Guard carrying their purchases. Because concept art doesn't draw itself. The Senator wears a dress from Palo's spring/summer collection and the Chancellor's robes were hand-sewn by Vivianné Westwookie. As no holocams were allowed at this exclusive event, our fabulous fashion correspondent drew the chic politicians in watercolour pencil.
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My muse seems to have gone on strike, which is incredibly annoying, since I still owe [ profile] drakeguard a drabble (I haven’t forgotten!); I’m going to instead try to get out some meta thoughts I’ve had on my mind for awhile and which informed my recent short fanfiction Ascendant.

meta on the nature of the "true jedi" and what constitutes one )
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Here we have eleven Star Wars (and sw actors) icons (plus one lonely Watership Down icon)... Please credit and comment if you take one.


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I had SO MUCH FUN making this!! ^____^

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I said I'd make some art, so here it is omg it's not a picture of Palpatine! it's Senator Amidala from the "You're starting to sound like a separatist!" scene from RotS. I did it in watercolour pencils and I'm really digging her expression at the moment - so determined! I call it La Liberté because somehow it makes me think of those old pictures of Marianne and I could easily see Padmé in that role - such a fierce idealist is she!

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Old icons from the now defunct [ profile] twirling_zoog  account. 58 icons; Star Wars but for one or two - please comment and credit if you take any.


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I know I should be working on my entry for the [profile] starwarslandvidding competition (GO TEAM EMPIRE!), but after watching In the Loop, I had to make this "trailer". I hope you enjoy!  

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meta notes on Palpatine characterisation )

I have been waiting so fucking long for this!       
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This is amusing. ^_^
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