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My f-list is getting too crazy and cluttered, but I've held off doing this for a while because I couldn't bear to. However, there are a lot of dead journals and journals of people who I don't really interact with any more - and it's spring here in Auckland and I'm too lazy for actual spring cleaning. If you find yourself de-friended and strenuously object - please comment below and I'll friend you again. :)

Edit: Cut is now complete.
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 Good news! Gaius Julius Laptop has recovered from his illness (thanks to my father offering to pay for him to be fixed as an early birthday present, yay!). So I once more have connection to the internet. Please rec me anything I may have missed that you'd think I'd enjoy. 

The only problem is that I appear to have caught the human version of whatever Gaius Julius had - which is pretty much encapsulated by my mood picture down there. Still, it means I'll be online all day because I'm rugged up at home with Gaius Julius and my lama blanket. I don't know if my brain with stretch to writing, but I'm hoping to finish Alexis today if I can. Otherwise I'll work on my 100 icons. 

I hope you're all feeling better than I am! 
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Thanks to [ profile] sith_romantic  I'm deciding to take the plunge and have a go at [ profile] starwars_lims 
You should too.


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Pimping this at extremely late notice! Exchange a Star Wars fanfiction for Christmas @ [ profile] jedi_mistletoeYou know you want to! 

sign up post
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My journal is now completely in order! I have found a new face for it, done a matching mood theme and reorganised ALL the tags so they make sense.  All of this has basically taken me a day and a half. Oh dear lord., so long to move some pixels around.

Now, I think I will mooch off to write some fic to fill it with. (and those lurking sw fans who haven't read Nothing is Innocent Now, I deserve some comments for all my hard work! Even if you just say how convoluted my mind is).

Anyway, things I'm in the process of writing:

[profile] zigsternenstaub's palpatine/vader afterlife fic (it's haaaard).

Child of Sah'ot - I can't get Jobin past a certain point having dinner at the Temple. My very special Palpy clone OC.

Darth Sidious meets Anakin in the Lower Levels (COS I NEED that fic [info]zigsternenstaub !!) Anakin is an adult in mine though, so I'm not stealing your thunder.

A Lucius Malfoy/James Norrington fic for [personal profile] aleysiasnape(Norrie is an auror).

And continuing A Tad Immoral, as well.

AND - *pokes ziggy again* our special project. 

Oh lord, and the Sabe fic! 

*feels overwhelmed*

EDIT: And I've got half a chapter of Alexis on my laptop too! 

If anyone wants to request the last straw that will break the camel's back, that's okay. I'm always willing to procrastinate by drabbling. ^_^ Requests will be subject to the terms and conditions stated below: 

Request must be in a fandom I know. Request must have certain key words to suggest its direction. Request will not be accepted if it directly attacks the author's favourite characters. Request must not involve possums. Request submissions must not be over 200 words. Requests are subject to the author's descisions as to length (both of the stories and characters). Request may be for fanfiction OR fanart. Ratings are subject to the author's discretion, though the author will honour the spirit of the request. NO yams.    
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I have decided to create another journal for posting iconsies and art! ^_^ Because... well, I'm not paying for extra icons. So if you see someone called [profile] twirling_zoog  - that would be me. Friend the zoog-like one if you wish.
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I've now got the new LiveJournal Messenger. My Windows Live ID is Sign up now and we can chat!

Hopefully I won't live to regret this...
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Well, I've revamped my journal, intending to post most of my different fandoms here instead of having stuff in various places. Here are the links to my other two lj accounts: 

My old Palpakin journal

Odd Marie-Antoinette fanfiction

And my profile, which has Star Wars (Palpatine-centric), Harry Potter (Tom/Voldemort, the Malfoys, Hermione), and a Claude Frollo fic. Also, my older profile which sports fanfiction I wrote before the age of 17, most of which isn't very goodm with the exception of Room with a View.  There's also my youtube account (Pirates of the Carribean, Star Wars, Harry Potter)

*wipes forehead* I think that's everything! ^_^



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