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Disclaimer: As always, everything belongs to Mr. Lucas, and I am making no money.
Rating: R
Word Count: 8,000
Warnings: Adult concepts and themes, slash, the Emperor in sexual situations, relationship between a twenty year-old and a septuagenarian. 
Summary:  The final instalment of the Alexis saga, in which things reach their logical extremes and dramatic conclusions.
Characters: Palpatine and pretty much everyone you’d expect to see at the Imperial Court circa A New Hope, plus some OCs
Genre(s): Romance, tragedy, drama
Pairing(s): Palpatine/male!OC, Moteé/Pestage
Author's Note: In this chapter I stole a chunk of dialogue pay homage to the film Land of the Blind. HAPPY BIRTHDAY[ profile] veronicaprof!! I almost got it finished on time ~ only a day late! I hope you had a really great day yesterday. :D
Previous Chapters:
Addendum to ALEXIS I: Under the Covers
Magic: An Alexis Drabble
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Title: Trees in the Wind
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars and am not making any money with this drabble
Word Count: 240
Rating: PG
Summary: Lady Pestage has a moment of realisation.
Author's Note: Meme response for [ profile] veronicaprof, who requested Palpatine and Vader + outside observer. Also, just for the record, the new posting style is a bitch.

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Title: A Period of Rest
I own neither Vader nor Palpatine and I am not making any money. Sad, but true.
Emperor Palpatine has been prescribed several days of rest.
Word Count:
Characters: The Emperor and Lord Vader
Author's Note: The little bit of light-heartedness I so desperately needed today. *headdesk*
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Author: [ profile] ansketil_rose 
Title: Single Combat
Disclaimer: I do not own! I do not own! I do not own! I do not own! Please! Stop, I beg you! Don't sue me! I do not own!
Challenge 2011-06: Hate
Word Count: 100
Characters: Palpatine
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A drabble about fine lines and fire
Author's Notes: This prompt was actually surprisingly hard. A hundred words of hatred.

"You want to see the hatred in his eyes..." )
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I got this idea at 11 o'clock last night and finished it around 2 o'clock in the morning. It's an idealised portrait of the Emperor and Lord Vader (if Lord V hadn't been brutally disfigured in a duel with the treacherous Maréchal de Kenobi, and if His Majesty's looks had not been quite so ruined by smallpox). I must say, I'm very pleased at how Anakin came out in this drawing. The pose definitely suits him! 

Lord Vader wears his customary armour and around his neck we have the Imperial version of the Order of St. Louis. He wears a ceremonial sash over his armour, indicating his position as heir to the throne. The Emperor holds the imperial sceptre and is seated on his throne. He hates wearing stockings and garters but is tolerating them for the sake of this regal portrait and the fact that Lord Vader will really enjoy them later. His ermine-trimmed robe is decorated with the six-rayed bendu, the symbol of his Empire. In his left hand is the Code Imperial, affirming his status as supreme lawgiver, in contrast will Lord Vader's long military baton, appropriate to his station as Palpatine's warlord.   

The amusing thing about drawing this portrait was the fact that I had to steal from everywhere to get what I wanted, particularly for Palpatine. Anakin is gorgeous in the armour of the young Louis XV. The Emperor, meanwhile, has the pose of Madame de Pompadour, the legs of Louis XVI, the sceptre of Napoleon, the wig of Pitt the Younger and the ermine finery of the Duc de Richelieu (the grand-nephew of the infamous cardinal) as well as the desk of the Duc de Chioseul!
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24 simple Vader + Palpatine icons for your enjoyment.


shades of black and blue )
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12 Star Wars icons, if I may, gentlebeings... Taken from Clone Wars, concept art and comics. Please credit and comment if you take any.

so many pastels, so little time )
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10 icons of Palpatine and his last apprentice. Please comment and credit if you take one. like you mean it... )
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Title: Immaculate Deception - Chapter One
[ profile] ansketil_rose & [ profile] zigsternenstaub  
Disclaimer: The authors of this story do not own Vader or Palpatine and are not making money from this piece of fiction.
Rating: R
Warnings: extreme violence, genocide (specific warnings will be attached to each chapter)
Word Count: 5, 421
Dramatis Personae: His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Palpatine and his Dark Apprentice, Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith - supported by a cast of senators, officers, courtiers, lesser villains, fleet personnel, vagabonds, terrorists and rebels.
Summary: As the beginnings of rebellion against Palpatine's New Order make themselves known, Darth Vader, faced with the daunting task of destroying this new Alliance against his Master, finds himself unexpectedly embroiled in mysteries he thought long ago laid to rest...
Authors' Notes: The first ever collaboration between two die-hard fans of Lord Vader and Lord Sidious.

link to story
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Okay, so here we have an eclectic Vader/Palpatine fanmix which is mostly made up of the music I listen to while writing the stuff. This, I guess, is the sequel to the Anakin/Palpatine mix I did, Dark Dreams. "Violent Umbra" comes from Palpatine's description of Lord Vader in my fanfiction And Forget. I make no apologies for my taste in music, lol.

Last time people had a problem playing some of the files, so this time they are all standard MP3s, and the zipped folder can be downloaded here

album details under the cut )

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Title: And Forget
Disclaimer: Own Star Wars, I do not.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2, 328
Prompt: Forgiveness (for [ profile] swficchallenge )
Summary: Vader returns to Coruscant to find his Master much changed.
Author’s Note: I’ve been reading too much Veronica Wilson and when [ profile] gizzi1213  told me that “forgiveness” wasn’t a prompt she’d associate with Palpatine fluff I had a splendid excuse to write some Vader/Palpatine fluff; because my inner-fangirl needs some soul-healing. Dedicated to [ profile] zigsternenstaub. Don't expect too much of this thing, I wrote it in a couple of hours for the Friday deadline.

"It is quiet here..." )

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Title: Anew
Disclaimer: Own Star Wars, I do not!
Rating: PG
Prompt: Harmony
Characters: Palpatine (as always), Darth Vader, and wee Leia.
Warnings: AU, dark themes and oh-so angsty.
Word Count: 200
Summary: In another galaxy events transpire somewhat differently, yet some things will never change.
Author's Note: Just a little AU drabble.

"The Room was quiet..." )
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Title: Woods
Disclaimer: Own Star Wars, I do not, sue me do not - of the dark side, that is.
Rating: PGR
Warnings: Surreal description, bad Virgilian homage, ghosts, and reference to Dark Empire (may its Palpy art/characterisation rot in hell!).
Main Character(s): Ghostly Anakin and friends.
Pairings: nothing but canon (sorry girls). 
Word Count: 1,592
Summary: Anakin Skywalker goes in search of Palpatine's soul.
Author's Note: The promised Anakin and Palpatine afterlife fic for
[ profile] zigsternenstaub. It's been sitting on my laptop for awhile as I wasn't sure I was ready to set it free, as the thing took an age to write; I found ghostly Anakin/Vader very difficult to characterise. Hopefully this works. Afterlife fic is HARD! And so this one is rather weird.   Read more... )
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 Disclaimer: Belongs to the bearded Lucas of doom.
Note: First Drabble of RED, yay!

The stain evoked a fascination with Lord Vader )

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