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20 Palpatine icons for [ profile] starwars20in20. Supposedly twenty icons in twenty days, mine's more like twenty icons in twenty hours thanks to a lovely bout of insomnia...


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Seven icons of the fabulous art of artist Abbey McCulloch, and one odd icon out. 

watercolour girls and one lost boy )
01 - 07 = Abbey McCulloch
08 = Voldemort II by WednesdayWolf (I'm saving up for this print!)
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 Time for some icons! Because I've yet to find Voldemort colouring I really love and I haven't made any icons in a while. 16 Harry Potter and 5 Star Wars ones.


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Palpatine icons numbering eight in total. My icon-making skills are slowly improving, I think.
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24 simple Vader + Palpatine icons for your enjoyment.


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As the title says...


they fall into the chasm... )
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11 Gankutsuou icons from the far corners of Eastern Space... Because making pretty icons takes my mind away from other things. And behold! I have even made myself an icon table! Please comment and credit if you take any. 


...bide your time and hold out hope... )
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Five fan icons made just for [ profile] luminations ... though other people may snag them too, of course. Please comment and credit if you fancy taking on


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52 icons of things I love. I was going to make 100, but I just couldn't do it - so 52 it is. Please comment and credit if you take one. 

01-10 Crime and Punishment
11-52  Star Wars


"...All the little boxes, sitting in a row..." )
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12 Star Wars icons, if I may, gentlebeings... Taken from Clone Wars, concept art and comics. Please credit and comment if you take any.

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10 icons of Palpatine and his last apprentice. Please comment and credit if you take one. like you mean it... )
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IT IS DONE! IT IS DONE! I had a meeting with my professor, and it is over. All done, all written, until the second semester this year! So I'm celebrating my return from hiatus with a large crop of icons!

Today, I have iconed the work of some marvellous artists you should check out, as well as my usual fandoms... Please comment and credit if you take one.


01-07 Gankutsuou
08-16 Star Wars
17-18 Sleepy Hollow
19-25 Shaun Tan
26-27 Bill Carmen
28-30 Bluefooted
      31 Klimt

perfectus est )
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I decided to icon some of the work done for the "Star Wars Ren" competitions. I would also like to prepare the viewer for the fact that no. 14 is rather scary... Please comment and credit if you take one.


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My claim for[ profile] starwarsland  and probably the last thing I do as a memeber of [ profile] teamempire. But I finally found some cool Palpatine concept art (almost impossible to find)! Please comment and credit me if you take one. ^_^ 


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Here we have eleven Star Wars (and sw actors) icons (plus one lonely Watership Down icon)... Please credit and comment if you take one.


imagine all the people )
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16 Dangerous Liasons icons! I love this movie... please credit if you take one.

pure decadence )
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Old icons from the now defunct [ profile] twirling_zoog  account. 58 icons; Star Wars but for one or two - please comment and credit if you take any.


those icons of yore )
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