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Here's my first piece of art for one of my favourite pairings: Voldemort/Harry. It's called Things Unsaid. I'm usually all about faces (as you will see below), so I wanted to try to tell a story with just bodies for a change. The colouring of this was absolutely ruined by scanning. Voldemort's pearly skin is too subtle for the scanner!


Below are three individual sketches that eventually turned the Harry Potter/Leo Tolstoy image pictured on the right, which I did for the [ profile] hogwarts_elite "fandom mash-up" + Love and War themed challenge (tied for third place!).

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So here's another quick Lord Voldemort piece drawn late at night - the best time to draw Dark Lords, of course. Inspired by my book of Klimt's sketches.

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More Lord Voldemort art. Because I'm too tired to write, too cold to watch media, and too awake to go to bed. I love drawing his strange serpentine features.

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So... coming off official hiatus! Hurrah! I might still be a bit flaky given how busy I am at the moment, but I had to come back. 

I've changed my mood theme and I'm thinking about changing my journal style too. I still love it - but it's been too long. In any case, to celebrate, here's another piece of Harry Potter fanart:

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Breaking my hiatus to post the art I randomly did really late last night. Voldemort fanart inspired by Klimt's 'Medicine'.

(EDIT: Sorry, livejournal was being irritating and I accidentally posted this twice. Apologies to your f-lists.)

Link to a larger version:

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I still have to write those "10 Things" stories, and finish a segment for [ profile] veronicaprof, but I just found this in my sketchbook and decided it was time to finish it. Art for[ profile] zigsternenstaub's lovely AU tale, Things My Daughter Should Know After I've Died. She and I promised each other ages ago that if I managed to draw fem!Anakin and fem!Palpatine art, then she would write the sequel, or visa versa. Lady Anyel Palpatine was incredibly uncooperative, but eventually I got Her Excellency's lines right, while Jedi Anaka Skywalker was quite fun to draw. There you go, Ziggy!

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Because that art tag needed more posts. Just a basic sketch of Lord Voldemort and Hermione Granger having a talk, for my fanfiction You Know Who? I haven't drawn Hermione before, and I'm not satisfied with her but meh, it's 12.29am - I'm only going to make her look worse if I keep going. I like Voldemort though - but I've drawn him before. He's starting to look about what I envision. More depth that my last attempt at him. 

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I've always been very dissatisfied with how the Harry Potter films handled Lord Voldemort's appearance. So here is a drawing in watercolour pencils which tries to capture how I first imagined him to be, surrounded by lovely Avada Kedavra green. As always, it looks better viewed in its original size. :)  

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I got this idea at 11 o'clock last night and finished it around 2 o'clock in the morning. It's an idealised portrait of the Emperor and Lord Vader (if Lord V hadn't been brutally disfigured in a duel with the treacherous Maréchal de Kenobi, and if His Majesty's looks had not been quite so ruined by smallpox). I must say, I'm very pleased at how Anakin came out in this drawing. The pose definitely suits him! 

Lord Vader wears his customary armour and around his neck we have the Imperial version of the Order of St. Louis. He wears a ceremonial sash over his armour, indicating his position as heir to the throne. The Emperor holds the imperial sceptre and is seated on his throne. He hates wearing stockings and garters but is tolerating them for the sake of this regal portrait and the fact that Lord Vader will really enjoy them later. His ermine-trimmed robe is decorated with the six-rayed bendu, the symbol of his Empire. In his left hand is the Code Imperial, affirming his status as supreme lawgiver, in contrast will Lord Vader's long military baton, appropriate to his station as Palpatine's warlord.   

The amusing thing about drawing this portrait was the fact that I had to steal from everywhere to get what I wanted, particularly for Palpatine. Anakin is gorgeous in the armour of the young Louis XV. The Emperor, meanwhile, has the pose of Madame de Pompadour, the legs of Louis XVI, the sceptre of Napoleon, the wig of Pitt the Younger and the ermine finery of the Duc de Richelieu (the grand-nephew of the infamous cardinal) as well as the desk of the Duc de Chioseul!
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This picture was inspired by And Let's Begin, by the lovely [ profile] wyncatastrophe. In her amusing tale, Anakin Skywalker kindly consents to be Palpatine's life drawing model for the evening. In the story he is lying on red cushions, but alas, my Anakin insisted on standing. I had a great deal of fun imagining how Palpatine might draw and eventually decided that he would be a fairly modern artist, who used bold colours and was greatly interested in the contrast between light and dark. The picture is on a huge canvas hanging in Palpatine's bathroom. 

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Well, I can now say that scanning in a drawing of the Emperor at the public library is not as embarrassing as you might think. I had wanted to do a drawing of Anakin reclining naked on some artfully placed red cushions for [ profile] wyncatastrophe , but I didn't have the right reference images at home. Thus, a drawing of Palpatine, for whom I have MANY reference images on hand! Drawing this many wrinkles was hard, lol. As you can see, I am still in love with Klimt... 

 is progressing slowly via paper and pen. *sigh*

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I found myself with an hour to spare and a calligraphy pen. Doodling then ensued, I'd forgotten how much I love calligraphy.  I think His Excellency, my Sithly Muse, enjoys being the subject of an inverted illumination...

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It's Saturday night and since I'm not spending it studying, I'm breaking my hiatus rule to show you guys the drawing I did when my brain couldn't make words anymore.

Palpatine, while in his first term as Supreme Chancellor, comforts a teenaged Padawan Skywalker. I'm pretty pleased with how this one turned out, really, though the scanning process made the background go weird. All done with a single 2B pencil.
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PADMÉ: What is that divine material, Chancellor?

PALPATINE: Oh, this? Alderaani silk.

PADMÉ: I swear, just about every luxury item in vogue today is from Alderaan - it's a crime how they've cornered the market - that's why my wardrobe is %100 Naboo.

PALPATINE: My dear, when one is Supreme Chancellor one must embrace a larger view of fashion. Besides, all that quilting never suited me anyway... 


Senator Amidala and Supreme Chancellor Palpatine at Theed Fashion Week, with Handmaiden Dormé and an anonymous Red Guard carrying their purchases. Because concept art doesn't draw itself. The Senator wears a dress from Palo's spring/summer collection and the Chancellor's robes were hand-sewn by Vivianné Westwookie. As no holocams were allowed at this exclusive event, our fabulous fashion correspondent drew the chic politicians in watercolour pencil.
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I said I'd make some art, so here it is omg it's not a picture of Palpatine! it's Senator Amidala from the "You're starting to sound like a separatist!" scene from RotS. I did it in watercolour pencils and I'm really digging her expression at the moment - so determined! I call it La Liberté because somehow it makes me think of those old pictures of Marianne and I could easily see Padmé in that role - such a fierce idealist is she!

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[watercolour pencils + = young palpatine fanart]
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I drew the base sketch for this last week and it took me some time to make the robes. Because the robes in this picture weren't drawn/painted, etc... but are the product of many, many, many small squares cut from glossy magazines. The red words up the top read:

Tu regere imperio populos, Romane, memento
(hae tibi erunt artes), pacique imponere morem,
parcere subiectis et debellare superbos.

I've been reading Virgil recently, lol.

Also, the last of the Pickerskill Reports is availible now for 6 days. And it has... Virgil! Plato! Politicians! Latin! Cellos! Dowagers! Buckets of innuendo! Greek! Dirty postcards! Love letters! Disraeli! AND it's rather slashy! And all of this read by Ian! Even if you listened to none of them before this, you must listen to this one. *swoons* 
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Young Palpatine (or Jobin), drawn from the last piccy I posted.
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This is what happens when one combines coloured pencil, felt-tip pen and cutouts from magazines (mostly Vogue and Fashion Quarterly). It is our beloved emperor clad in the iconography of power. Please take the time to zoom in on the thing properly, as it doesn't show to its best advantage small and you need to see the detail proplerly to get a sense of the thing. I find it amusing that I did this with fashion magazines. Palpatine is so chic, don't ya know?

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