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This is the film I would make, set between Episode III and Episode IV:

Under the guidance of the Emperor, Darth Vader – once Anakin Skywalker – is learning what it is to be a Sith Lord. The peace of the new Empire is far from stable and many former Confederation star systems have yet to accept Palpatine’s rule. The political climate is fraught as many in the Imperial Senate struggle to reconcile themselves with the new system of government, Bail Organa among them.

Meanwhile, two Jedi padawans – their Masters slain in the Jedi Purge – can rely on no one but themselves in a galaxy now hostile to them – even the gambler who gives them passage to the Core, Calrissian, is more than he seems. And, despite the speed of Calrissian’s ship, a bounty-hunter called Fett is hot on their tracks, for they have something the galaxy would kill for: evidence Palpatine himself was responsible for the Clone Wars.

Queen Breha and her husband are walking the fine line between nurturing a fledgling Alliance against the Emperor and keeping the true identity of their daughter secret. Can they afford to help the young Jedi – especially when everything is on the line? And what will happen when Darth Vader, supervising the installation of Alderaan’s new governor – Wilhuff Tarkin – realises that all is not as it seems? The Galaxy has changed and nothing is certain. From the backstreets of Alderaan, to the wasted surface of Cato Nemoidia, to the scarlet corridors of the Imperial Senate, the air is thick with danger and no one is safe…
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