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Title: Caught Against the Light
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars and am not making any money with this drabble.
Word Count: 200
Rating and Warnings: PG-13, non-explicit reference to torture.
Summary: Anakin is held prisoner by separatist forces.
Author's Note: Meme response for [ profile] girlofavalon, who requested Anakin + Torture.

The blue image flickered into life again. It buzzed like an insect caught against a light. Anakin made no effort to glance at it – didn’t move. He could move, but refused to dignify whatever Dooku had to say with his attention.

“Anakin.” A fond satisfaction of a word; it made Anakin’s head shoot up, jarring his injuries. It hurt his eyes to see it, yet his heart thudded at the sound of the voice.

“S-sir…?” Cracked and ruined, yet still a groan of hope. It’s not real. 

A transparent hand waved elegantly as the hologram clicked toward Anakin’s body on metal claws. An implement rose from a sterile tray, sharp and horribly familiar. “My dear boy, you have been so brave…” He’s using the Force – it’s not him… “Indeed, I am proud of you. Such passion, such resistance. Astonishing!”

Anakin looked away, teeth grinding in fury. A spectral hand ghosted affectionately across Anakin’s face. He flinched. The buzzing grew as the silvery device flickered to life, hovering just shy of Anakin’s skin. It’s Dooku, not Palpatine; Palpatine would never…

“Now I need you to break for me, Anakin. I need you to scream. Do you think you can do that?”
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