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Title: Seduction 101
Disclaimer: I do not own Anakin or Palpatine.
Rating: PGR
Pairing: Anakin/Palpatine
Words: 977
Summary: Palpatine is an expert in seduction. 
Author's Note: Happy belated birthday, [ profile] luminations! This was inspired by your stories. :)

It titillates you, doesn’t it? I can easily brush my fingers through the cloudy surface of your mind, sense the trembling unnameable things lurking just beneath. You think this flirting is just that – flirting. It’s all about you: you’re the one being seduced, isn’t that right? That is what they will say, I expect, after all this is over: that I seduced you. That devious, terrible Sith Lord beguiling an innocent Jedi. Perhaps that’s the line you’ll take too, when you’re older and need to find excuses for yourself.

Oh, do not mistake me, I am familiar with seduction. That slow, wonderful dance toward absolute possession; teasing, tempting, breaking– yes, I know seduction very well indeed. You court me the same way you court danger: carelessly, perhaps even unconsciously. The Jedi keep you on a tight leash, so when you get free you do all the running – all I have to do is facilitate the opportunity. You’re a snob. Greedy for everything life can give you and you like to flatter yourself that you have the power to fascinate the most powerful man in the galaxy. You play with that fascination like you toy with engines and droids: you pull it apart and put it back to together again, each time in a different way. And this is the latest incarnation, fuelled by the raging appetite of the young. 

Your Excellency, your lashes lower and the curve of your lip turns upward, already basking in the glow of the compliments you know I’m about to give you. Warm. As warm as the emotion that’s radiating off you in dizzying waves, an effortlessly divine gift. Power.

And now were sitting together and you’re telling me all your acts of heroism, your woes. All about you. Especially the way you lean close to me, put your legs alongside mine, because you want me to be your slave – you want to see how far you can push me, what it takes to turn pretty phrases into action and find out what Jedi aren’t meant to know. 

You don’t know who you’re teasing. I’m not real to you. You don’t imagine me, alone, thinking of you. I didn’t have a childhood, or work my way with difficulty up to my exalted rank, nor am I made of true flesh that shivers when you’re beside me. You’ve cast a line into abyssal waters with no idea what you stir; the raw, unvarnished, insatiable desires writhing beneath this placid exterior.

Hey, you whisper softly into my ear, and as I turn my head you swoop beneath my beak to press your lips against mine. I haven’t been kissed for a decade, perhaps longer. Your lips are silken; they stifle my thoughts as you offer yourself to me.

I’m the galaxy’s greatest expert in possession, in subtle persuasion and the deadly lures of the soul. And you offer yourself to me. In the simplest, easiest fashion you ask me to take of you what I will. It is that which silences me now, terrifies me, if I am honest. You toss off a smile while I flounder. Because there are not yet deadly ties that bind you to me, you could walk out of this office right now and I would not be able to stop you. You could give this gift to anyone. 


I feel suffocated, trapped by your attentions, but am unable to muster the will to make them cease – starving for them – I want you too much. It is not yet time, I can''t... And all you see is this stilled façade, a nervous cast to the features of a venerable, old friend whom you have been teasing so mercilessly all evening. I hate you. I want to push you away and punish you with the Darkness I’m fighting to control, hear you beg me for forgiveness, your hoarse screams as my power ignites your skin –

…Not helping. I close my eyes as your arms encircle my shoulders, two breaths away from completely losing my head. 
Your pale eyes suddenly open and startle me back. So different from your usual look! It is so wrong set into your confident, dignified features. Trapped, trapped and unspeakably sad – as if you were about to break – as if this one kiss might shatter you altogether, Sir…? I ask cautiously, unnerved, Are you all right?

Wordlessly, you shake your head. You stand, in a majestic sweep of dark velvet, and I lose confidence. I thought you wanted this – I thought you wanted me. Have I read you wrong? For a long time, I thought you gave all of yourself to the galaxy you rule (they say serve, you say serve, but you rule; I grew up a slave, I can see authority for what it is). I checked, hacked into the virtual records of your life. Your staff write everything down. I’m it. The only bit of personal interaction your secretaries scratch into your days. Me. 

It shows, you know. You’re losing your ability to become anything other than the Supreme Chancellor – more regal by the second. It’s pretty hot, actually. But right now you seem like you’re suffocating inside yourself. Anakin… you whisper sadly. This is ridiculous. Because you are past sixty and I am only just past twenty? Because you are the Chancellor and I am a Jedi? I know you’re as hungry for this as I am. Desire oozes out of you. I want to make you lose it. Let me see you step out of your persona and naked into my arms, I promise not to abuse the trust of your old body. Throw your control to the winds and let me have you. Just lie back and allow me to seduce you. 
Yeah, just like that, sir. Don’t worry; I know what I’m doing.

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